The Mafia is the most famous thing for the foreign tourists when they think about Sicily, a true explanation on this phenomenon will make you give the correct view on what is NOT the symbol of Sicily!

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Starting from: Hotel
Duration: 7 hours

Enjoy this special day dedicated to one of the most famous social phenomena in Sicily. We will depart in the morning to the inland of Sicily and specifically to the area of Corleone, known for being the place where Mafia phenomena was born but also know nowadays for being the place where Mafia is firmely fought. We will firstly participate to an interesting and accurate cooking lesson: we will be able to prepare some of the most genuine and traditional Sicilian dishes. After the cooking lesson, enjoy this special lunch. After lunch, we will experience an interesting LECTURE on Mafia. One of the inhabitants of Corleone, born in the UK, will present a fascinating discussion on the topic of the Sicilian Mafia but also explaining the origins and the way how Corleone inhabitants has taken to eliminate organized crime. Back to Palermo.
The name of the town was used as the adopted surname of the title character in Mario Puzo's book and Francis Ford Coppola's film The Godfather. In the novel, Vito Andolini emigrates from the village of Corleone. In the theatrical release of The Godfather, Part II, young Vito is assigned the Corleone surname while passing through immigration at Ellis Island. Shy and unable to speak English, Vito is unable to respond when asked for his proper name and is given the last name Corleone by an immigration official. Throughout the film series, various members of the Corleone family visit the town.

The Restaurant Leon d'oro in Corleone offers culinary experiences with taste and refinement of taste, a solar and Mediterranean cuisine, genuine and fragrant, which makes it possible to rediscover the old taste of typical Sicilian dishes and Corleone.
The variety of proposals, the continuous search for balance between aromas and flavors and the High-level cooking of the dishes are able to satisfy the most refined palates.

THE EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Private car, private guide, cooking lesson at local restaurant in Corleone, Mafia lecture in Corleone


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